September 2012

Conformation training and competing for Sheltie puppies

Showing your Sheltie puppy in conformation will acclimate him to a somewhat stressful, performance activity.

These days, many dog lovers agree that it is best to get your Shetland Sheepdog puppy from a reputable rescue, or a caring breeder who is committed to the breed. If you choose to get your Sheltie puppy from a breeder, you’ll want to be sure to get the puppy exposed to lots of new places and people.

At times, that can be difficult to do. After all, you probably take your Sheltand Sheepdog puppy to a puppy class, but that’s only one day a week, and you may find that your dog is meeting the same dogs and people over and over again, and in the same location. To socialize your puppy, it may be better to expose him to many new people and places, after he’s gotten his necessary shots, of course. 

Returning to obedience training

Continued training can be helpful in improving Shelties' behavior

 I love all my Shelties, yet one of them really knows how to push my buttons. While Onyx will listen to my husband, she does not listen well to me, even though I was the one who spent the most time training her. She also likes to jump up and nip the air when excited. It seemed like she was becoming more out of control, rather than mellowing as she matured. Although we’ve been training in agility and disc-dog, it didn’t seem to be enough for Onyx. 

Many companion dogs do perfectly well with a couple of Obedience classes when they are young, followed by consistent expectations to listen to commands such as sit and down. Other dogs, for whatever reason, need more. For these dogs, continued training can be helpful in improving their behavior and their relationship with their families. Onyx seems to fall into this category. 

Dogs will really eat anything

Monitor what your pets consume to future sickness

Prior to getting my dog, I was a cat person. Cats are picky eaters, so I never had to worry about them devouring everything in my house. My pooch, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Within the first few hours of living in my home, she managed to eat some cat vomit, her dog bed, and even a kitty poop. I was disgusted. Do dogs not have any taste buds?