June 2012

Keep your Sheltie safe this July 4th

In the United States, the 4th of July holiday heralds the peak of summer in all its star-spangled-banner glory. We celebrate our freedom with a day at the beach, or grilling burgers and hot dogs with family and friends. When evening falls, we top off our celebration with a show of spectacular fireworks.

For many Shelties though, those spectacular fireworks incite fear. Whereas some dogs try to find a safe spot in the house on their own, perhaps under the bed, others may be driven to bolt panic-stricken from their homes or yards. The 4th of July celebration then ends with the heartbroken family searching for their lost family member. In fact, July 5th is noted for an increase in lost animals being brought to shelters. That is one of the better outcomes. 

Tips on keeping your Golden Retriever cool this summer without shaving him

Other options a pet owner has apart from clipping or shaving their Golden Retrievers.

Yes, you may be tempted to clip or shave your Golden Retriever as the summer heat approaches. You know his fur is thick. You have heard that he has a double coat. You may think that this coat will make him hotter. But please stop and rethink this urge to clip or shave his beautiful coat.

Did you know that this coat is there for a reason? Did you know that vets and animal specialist say that this double coat is what can keep him warm in the winter months and cooler in the summer? Did you know that if you do indeed cut or clip his coat, it may not grow back at all or it may grow back improperly?

Storm phobia and anti-anxiety meds

One Sheltie’s story

Each night, as the cool evening air collides with the heat of the day, a storm brews in the Midwest. Tyler, a Shetland Sheepdog with storm phobia, seeks me out to put on his Thundershirt. His panting and pacing slow down and he is calmer. Until one night, the Thundershirt no longer worked its magic. This storm was especially fierce, with hail and house-shaking thunder, and I believe big storms will become more common. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Shelties and thunderstorm anxiety. Tyler would pant, drool and pace during storms, usually all over me as I was trying to sleep. In years past, I hadn't done much other than to be with him during storms. However, I became very concerned about this after learning dogs could have heart attacks from it, which is why I started treating his phobia with use of a Thundershirt.