March 2012

Why is Dog Man’s Best Friend?

My friends sure don’t make me clean up their poop.

My daughter and I have been learning about various American sayings—idiomatic phrases and others—and I was explaining to her about how many of our phrases, such as “raining cats and dogs,” don’t really translate to other languages, and that every language has its own expressions. One of her favorites that we’ve gone over is the one that maintains that the dog is man’s best friend, but I can’t help but have problems with it myself.

Where did it come from, for one thing. Was a really lonely bachelor drinking by himself one night, gazing at his loyal dog? Did he finally blurt out, “Rover, you’re the best friend a guy could ever have!” and the phrase was born? I won’t deny that dogs are probably the most loyal pets you can have around—though my cats are pretty attached to me, and my daughter had a bunny once that was as loyal as any dog I’ve ever met—but does that really equate being a good best friend?

America’s Favorite Spaniel

She’s a lady…

And while the lady’s not exactly mine or maybe even yours, didn’t you want her—at least for a little while? I certainly did; I remember begging for her! There was no cuter puppy on TV than Lady from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. You can have your Lassie and your Old Yeller; for me, it was always that adorable, long-lashed American spaniel with the wavy orange ears. What a cute puppy, and an even more adorable grown dog!

Every time we went to the movie store, that’s what I would rent (you’d think my parents would have taken the hint and bought me the movie, but they didn’t usually buy us movies back then). And I would watch that thing over and over again, getting so scared of the rat every time, singing along with the songs, and overall wishing I could have a dog like Lady.

Tips To Help One Pick Out A Professional Trainer For Their Retriever

First, one will want a professional dog trainer who actually likes dogs

Retrievers are smart dogs. They can be taught to be obedient. They can be taught to be watch dogs. However, they can become bored easily when training. This is why many owners may choose to have a professional dog trainer train their retrievers, instead of trying to master these lessons on their own. Yet, one may wonder what skills they should look for in a professional dog trainer.

First, one will want a professional dog trainer who actually likes dogs. You don’t want a trainer who is in it just for the money or the glory of the job title. You want to see actual caring in their eyes when they see a dog. You also want to hear it in their voices.  Yet, they may have to talk stern, to get the dogs to listen and respect them. However, they can do this in a manner that still shows the dogs and their owners that they like dogs.

Squirt Bottles Work for Dogs, Too

You may have heard about correcting bad cat behavior using a squirt bottle – cats hate water, but did you know it also does great for dog behavior problems?  Slapping, hitting or kicking a dog is ineffective and sends the wrong message to your dog.  Talking to them sometimes isn’t enough to get their attention when they are doing something wrong, like getting into the garbage, barking or fighting with another dog.

Facts About The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Smallest Type of Retriever

Yes, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has a long name. However, this is the smallest type of retrievers.

These retrievers are often referred to as Tollers. These are known as happy dogs. They are also very intelligent dogs, just like all the retrievers.

However, Tollers are very leery of strangers. They also tend to react towards strangers in the same way as their masters do. For this reason, if you don’t trust a stranger, they won’t either. Yet, they can sense when you trust someone and will trust the person, too. This is how they usually gauge when a stranger is a friend.

As for other animals, they are very curious about them. Usually, they will quickly become friends with other dogs.

Training sessions with a Toller should be kept short. Yes, they are smart and can learn quickly. However, they can easily become bored with repetitive lessons. Then their attention may wander. If a trainer can keep the training sessions new and exciting, the toller will continue to be interested. Once it becomes repetitive, he will slowly become bored.

Dealing with a Piddly Dog

"The most important thing when working with a dog who piddles is to maintain your calm all the time."

We have a rescue dog named Callie, who was raised in a crate and spent very little time outside it.  We brought her home at almost a year old, and she has some of the problems you might expect from a dog who didn’t get much socialization.  While she is incredibly sweet, eager to please and willing to learn, she is so shy and lacking in confidence that even leaning down to pet her will make her piddle all over the floor.

Learn About The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

If you want a dog that is power and intelligent, you may love the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

If you want a dog that is power and intelligent, you may love the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a large muscular dog. He is also a sturdy type dog. Most people will even say as a puppy, he is a solid looking dog.

As for his colors, he is a brown dog of various shades from light tan to deep brown. He has a short coat. This coat may be a bit wavy down around his neck and back. He also has what is known as a double coat. This coat can feel slightly oily. This dog has yellow amber colored eyes.

This is another type of retriever that is known to make a great family dog. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is good with children. They also make good watchdogs. They are very aware of their surroundings and they are weary of strangers.