February 2012

Fern, the Best Dog Ever

I have this dog, Fern, and every day I think of how lucky my family is that she is in our lives.  She isn’t purebred, has no special history, and is really just your plain, run of the mill mutt dog, but to us, she is a treasured part of the family and my heart melts every time she looks at me with those soulful brown eyes.

Who better to teach Pavlovian conditioning than a dog?


remember an introductory course I enrolled in my first quarter at the University of Washington. It was a survey course of ancient western civilizations and the professor teaching the course would bring in his dog to wander the classroom aisles for treats. I don’t remember much from the course but I remember luring the professor’s shaggy dog to my seat everyday and slipping him a snack. Well now, another instructor has incorporated “man’s best friend” in her Psychology 101 course. However this time, the pup is teaching UW students a little something.

Herbal Wormers for Dogs

With recalls and health concerns abounding in the pet food and supplement industry, more and more people are looking to alternative methods to care for their animals.  Natural supplements and cures make us feel safer, because they are not full of chemicals and unknown ingredients.  For that reason, choosing an herbal wormer for your dogs can be a safe, healthy alternative to the standard chemical treatment.

The Temperament Of A Golden Retriever

Would a golden Retriever be the perfect dog for you and your family?

Would a golden Retriever be the perfect dog for you and your family? A golden retriever is known as a friendly dog. Many people also will describe this breed as being one that is calm, gentle and confident.  Yes, he can be man’s best friend. However, he is also a dog that can be a family oriented pet. The reason why is that this dog loves everyone. This makes him a good dog for a family with children.

Children love this breed of dog because he is athletic. He is full of life in his younger days. He will follow the children around and play for hours. He is even known to enjoy swimming.

Golden Retrievers also make great watch dogs. They aren’t known for attacking strangers since they really do like most people. They are known for barking when they hear a person approaching or when they hear a sign. This can signal a person that someone or something is on their property.

Finding a Lost Sheltie

It's an owners worst nightmare, but here's some tips to find your lost Sheltie

Shetland Sheepdogs can be a skittish breed, and extremely difficult to catch if they should get loose. With this in mind, it’s best to always have your Sheltie on leash or in a safe, fenced area when outside. 


Dogs Immune to Frostbite

Paws evolved to transfer heat between blood vessels


Ever wonder how your pup can run across the snowy tundra of your backyard in winter without feeling the freeze in her paws? Sure, there are dog booties that help keep your buddy's feet away from the elements in the colder months, but those are more to prevent ice-melting salt from stinging your dog's paw pads than they are for actually keeping her toes warm. Canines, even the most domesticated ones, just don't seem to have a problem with winter temperatures. They can go barefoot all year round. Japanese scientists just recently examined exactly what kind of cold-battling technology they've got going on in there. 

Every Town Needs a Dog Park

When you visit a city park, you will often see a plethora of signs that tell you to keep your dogs on a leash at all times.  That’s if they allow dogs at all, which an increasing number of parks are prohibiting.  So to me, at least, the idea of a dozen dogs running free and happy in a dog park seems like the dog equivalent of pure heaven, which is why I think all cities should have a dog park.

No More Pet Door!

About five years ago, we bought a pet door insert for our sliding glass door.  At the time, it was the greatest idea because it gave our beloved pooches the freedom to roam and took care of the concerns about leaving them for long stretches during the day.  Now, all these years later, we took the pet door out and I couldn’t be happier.  While it had its advantages, it had many disadvantages too.

Sheltie Keratitis

"Your Shetland Sheepdog should be getting her eyes checked as a part of her regular veterinarian visits... you may be able to see deposits as well"

Shetland sheepdogs are generally a healthy breed, but they may be prone so certain disorders. One such disorder is a version of keratitis. In Sheltie keratitis, cholesterol deposits form on the cornea of the eye. There does not seem to be any relationship to these cholesterol deposits and the dog’s diet.