January 2012

Norwegian Dog Boxes Make Me Claustrophobic

Could be useful for things that aren't dogs

Sometimes I think everything is probably better in Scandinavia. They have languages that sound awesome, they have socialized medicine, and they have people who look like Alexander Skarsgard. Just saying is all. But sometimes the Scandinavians come up with really peculiar solutions to problems that don't really necessitate them. This dog storage locker is one such example.

Don't Shy Away from the Word "Rescue"

Since having kids, I have been very averse to the idea of adopting a rescue dog.  It isn’t that I don’t want to save a life, but that I am concerned about the safety of my children.  If you have ever been around small kids, you probably know that they are not exactly the gentlest of creatures.  For a dog that isn’t used to them, their affections may seem like attacks, and some dogs will fight back.  With a rescue whose history is unknown, that risk seems even higher.

Qualities to Look For in A Dog

I am thinking of getting a puppy and I decided to sit back and think about the qualities that I want in a dog. So, I thought that it would be good to make a post about this to see what other’s look for when they are choosing a new family member as well as to share what is on my mind when I am looking for a furry friend to add to the family.

Dogs With Spinal Cord Injuries

What Can Be Done?

Dogs that have spinal cord injuries may soon be able to test out a medication that may help their injuries become better. Currently, two schools are testing out some medications and solutions that seem to work well for mice and in the future they will have it kink free in hopes to be able to help dogs who are suffering from spinal cord injuries.

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

Sometimes when furry friends are sick it can be very easy for them to hide their symptoms. They will trick us into believing that everything is fine when in reality it is not fine at all. The reason they are able to do this is because even if they have been a pet all of their lives it is still in their genes for them to act as though they are in the wild. We all know that when they are in the wild they are never expected to show any fear or signs or sickness or else this could be the end of their lives. So, how do we know when they are sick or not?

Military Dogs Deserve more than being Labled "Equipment" by the Military

One senator is working to make sure that the hard working military dogs receive the help and honors they deserve when they are retired.

Currently military dogs are classified as “equipment” by the military, leaving the cost of care and transportation home from war zones on the shoulders of those who agree to adopt them or to the military units who they served.

Small Dog Breeds

I have had all kinds of dogs in my life – big dogs like St. Bernards and little dogs like Boston Terriers, with a wide range in between.  I go back and forth about the type I like best, but when it comes to portability, the cuddle factor and of course, the food bill, small dog breeds are where it’s at.  As more people see the benefits of a smaller dog, the number of them available continues to increase, making it easier than ever to get the perfect small breed.

Popular Dog Names

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to name a new dog.  I once called a dog “Puppy” for about two months until I finally came up with a real name for her.  After all that waiting to find the right one, it turned out to be a bland, dull “Annie,” but it was very fitting for her.