December 2011

Keeping Your Pup Happy Indoors

Keeping a pet is a wonderful experience, and one that can give you years of pleasure and companionship. The problem that faces many would-be dog owners is the issue of space. Apartment living is convenient for us, but if you are desperate for a pet, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you invest in a dog to join you in the urban jungle. Here are a few things that you have to remember before taking that pup into your home.

Children's Books About Dogs

If you want to share your love of dogs with your children, you can start early by introducing your toddler to dogs through books, and your older kids to an in-depth guide to all things dog.  Books can be really helpful to teaching your kids about dogs in preparation for adding one to your family.  The following books about dogs are some of the best sellers for kids and are sure to help teach your child a love of dogs.

Law students want to use skills to help build their nation


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most populous countries with 90 million people, 80% of which work in agriculture. It is also one the poorest nations in the world. However, 5 Ethiopian students have recently traveled to Seattle to study law at the University of Washington and when they have completed their masters in law degree they will bring these skills back to their country in order to help develop their nation. 

Danger Days For Your Pet

Your pet has its good days and bad days just like humans but even worse there are days that are just outright dangerous. It seems that pet owners who enjoy the holidays sometimes forget that this could turn out to be a hazardous time for their pets. Veterinary Pet Insurance found that most of the dangerous days happen on the weekends and holidays. The most dangerous times for your pets are such holidays such as:

Dogs with Exotic Tastes

"Happy Dog is one of Europe’s leading dog food manufacturers."

Do you have a favourite kind of cuisine? Maybe you enjoy French food, or sushi. Have you ever thought that your dog might have a love for exotic foods? The new range of dog food by Happy Dog, a leading German dog food manufacturer, is formulated to find out exactly what kind of palette your pooch has.

Reagan: A Hero in Yellow

Amidst all the heroic deeds preformed throughout the world in these turbulent times, one quiet hero exists right in our own backyard

When Regan, a yellow Labrador, drug home the plastic Meow Mix bag from one of his rounds through the neighborhood, his owner was not too interested. But, Reagan was having none of his owners ignoring his pleading and whining.

I Love Boo!

The Cutest Dog in the World

Boo is an adorable Pomeranian that is causing quite a stir in the media. As of this writing, he has over 2.5 MILLION Facebook fans (I'm one of them!) and his own website. His life is chronicled in the book, "Boo… The Life of the World's Cutest Dog" and his plush persona will soon be available from Gund.