July 2011

NY Butchers Packaging Raw Food For Dogs

The "raw food" movement is really picking up steam, and several high-end butchers in New York City have been pleased with the response to their dog food experiments. Instead of throwing away the scraps that human customers won't buy for themselves, they are repackaging this less-than-popular meat as raw food for dogs.
Pricey? Sure, but a lot of pet owners are happy to pay a little extra to know exactly what they are feeding their pets. I can empathize with this point of view, even if I certainly could never afford to do it myself! (The offerings from Dickson's Farm Stand are $10 per pouch, and each pouch provides one meal for a medium-sized dog.)

Louis the Boston terrier is the best loved dog in America

Welcome home, Louis!

Louis the Boston terrier from Seattle is the best-loved dog in the United States. You would probably disagree with me and say that your dog is more loved than Louis because you let her sleep in your bed and buy her doggie underwear with all the days of the week on them.  I don’t care.  Maybe you could prove me wrong if you put up more posters and garner more press than the Boston terrier’s owners did when he went missing.  They papered the city—it took them three weeks to cover it!—but they eventually found their much-loved pup safe and sound.

Louis went missing back in May.  His owners went on immediate alert and started papering every pole in Seattle with a picture of Louis, looking smug on a purple pillow next to a yellow ball.  As more and more press engines picked up the story--from small-time bloggers to the Seattle Times--more and more bogus stories of Louis’ whereabouts were reported.

Hundreds of people reported spotting the dog.  On Capitol Hill Seattle, a small blog for one of Seattle’s neighborhoods, a tipster reported that he saw the dog with a homeless man on May 31st. The scraggly man in a trench coat was supposedly taking Louis on a city bus.