April 2011

A Dog Named Gus

     In the summer of 2008 my wife and I decided that we were going to adopt a dog. We had a friend that worked at the local humane society and had a one-year old puppy that had been surrendered twice already in his young life. He was a Shitzhu mix, but as to the other breed, they really didn't know. However, he was hypo-allergenic, friendly, and only 17 pounds; all of which fit my wife's criteria. He was also a dog, which fit mine. Our friend asked us to come by and visit him to see if we'd consider adopting him. His name was Gus.

Take Action: Ask EPA to Stop Poisoning Wild Dogs

With the enormous budget cuts that the United States recently and erroneously made in favor of the rich and the Department of Defense and absolutely no one else, we can probably expect a lot of corner cutting to happen soon—especially when it comes to wolves, who were removed as an endangered species in many states so rich people could refrain from paying high taxes and the military can build more bombers. (Yes, I’m bitter. No, I’m not about to get over it.)

The Environmental Protection Agency regularly uses deadly poisons to kill wolves every year—as well as any other wildlife that encounter the toxic chemicals. Sodium cyanide and Compound 1080 might sound like things one might encounter in the latest zombie blockbuster, but they’re actually the chemicals that the EPA uses to eradicate wildlife each year.

Do Dogs Prefer Men?

While a recent study showed that women who have cats develop strong bonds with them, a new study suggests that dogs actually might prefer men—or, rather, that dogs who are owned by men approach their owners more readily than those who are owned by women.

The study also suggests that it applies to “neurotic men with neurotic dogs” in particular. Is it just me, or is that sort of weird? How do you define a neurotic man, or a neurotic dog, for that matter? Though the study cited these people (and dogs, I suppose) as being anxious, not confident, less aggressive, and less vocal, these seem to be pretty wide categories to use when deeming someone as “neurotic.” I could classify everyone I know as neurotic if these are they criterion.