February 2011

Amazon: Pedigree MarroBone Snack Food for Dogs (6.6 Lb) - $8.94 (or less!)

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Amazon is offering this 6.6 pound bag of Pedigree MarroBone Snack Food for Dogs at the awesome price of only $8.94 with FREE shipping if you spend over $25 or have Amazon Prime. If you choose "subscribe and save" you can get it for only $7.60 and can cancel the subscription, without penalty, after the order ships (or keep it if you or your dog really like these).

Puppy Bowl VII

So much cute! Can you handle it?

The entire appeal of Puppy Bowl is puppies being puppies. This year I felt it was a somewhat disappointing show, thanks largely to a grinding insistence on constantly cutting to something new. Puppy Bowl should be somewhat zen. There should be long tracking shots of puppies goofing off, not a constant cut, cut, cut to the latest distraction.

Every year Puppy Bowl has introduced something new. Many of these new features go on to be included in future Puppy Bowls. So you can see the problem: by this time, they have so many features, they end up stealing screen time from the puppies.

The puppy line-up itself was pretty good this year. There was a good mix of larger and smaller dogs, low-energy dogs and high-energy dogs. C.B. the beagle/shih tzu mix (is that a sheagle? Or a beagzu?) stole the screen with his triple lap around the field.

Extra! Extra! Dogs Wear Clothes

This just in! Some dogs actually like wearing clothing. Take for instance that precious little baby to the right, he name is Ali and she loves clothing. She literally begs to put on all sorts of clothing - and she will squirm around and try to put the clothes on herself if one of her daddies is not around. She is wearing one of her new "hoodies" in the photo but she also enjoys long (and short) sleeve shirts, dresses, tutus, and more.