January 2011

The Beagle Freedom Project

You know about animal testing in the abstract. Maybe you have cringed away from pictures of animals in cages, strapped to machinery, with tubes dangling from their veins, sad-eyed and sitting on wire mesh for their entire lives.

But it's quite another thing to see two former lab test subjects step outside for the first time in their entire lives. This 8 minute video is heartbreaking and happy and incredibly sad, all at once. It features two beagles (named Freedom and Bigsby by their rescuers) filmed the first time they left their crates and experienced the outdoors.

Caring for a New Puppy

Many children (and grown-ups, including my sister) were given new baby animals for Christmas. The most popular animal gift, it seems, is a puppy. Why, I’m not sure, since it’s the most needy baby animal that requires the most responsibility (though it’s definitely worth it for the right people). Me, I’d start with a goldfish or hamster and go from there.