August 2010

Petsmart - Free Pet Exam at Banfield Pet Hospital

PetSmart PetPerks® is offering a coupon to get a complementary pet exam and office visit OR $35 off an Optimum Wellness Plan® membership fee.

In order to download and print your coupon, please enter your 11 digit PetPerks number here. If you do not have a PetPerks card and would like to sign up to take advantage of the offer you can do so at PetSmart here. The sign up process is fast and FREE and by signing up you can also take advantage of other offers provided directly by PetSmart such as:

Dress Up Your Pup!


So I am not sure how ya'll feel about a little doggy dress up but I can tell you me and my little girl - love it! She can not wait to get in her clothes and prance up and down the block showing off her designer duds. Seriously... she gets really excited when the clothes come out - pawing at them, "laughing", and sitting very still so I can put them on. She has t-shirts, dresses, bows - and we are working on the shoes. How cute would little (sensible) heels be to go with a fancy little dress? Crazy cute, right?

Fleas! Treat Your Pet to a Flea Vacation - on the cheap

Fleas... again! I just got rid of them... and the cost to to treat fleas is astronomical - or so I thought.

Its really aweful when our little buddies pick up fleas (and it happens alllll the time). They scratch and itch and I cringe - fleas are really gross and they can carry some nasty little diseases with them (hello, Plague?). When our little babies get the bugs we spring into action, wash everything, and really just want to get the whole ordeal over. Recently, my own little girl ("smiling" in the picture) had a nasty flea attack and it seemed like nothing would work - the fleas have become immune to our spray stuff. Nooooooooooooo!

Dangerous Dog Days of Summer


After a bitter cold winter in some parts of the country, long awaited hot summer months can be a great time for many people to spend with family, friends, and of course our dogs. Out door events seem to be on the "to do" list every weekend. We wouldn’t be great pet owners if we weren’t including our "fur babies" on that guest list.

We are very much aware of the negative effects humans can suffer from high temperatures and sun rays, such as heatstroke, sunburn, and skin cancer, but have you ever really wondered how our dogs must feel in the scorching heat and sun?