October 2009

Dog Fighting Ring Found at Day Care Center

Wouldn’t it be nice if every story we heard about regarding dogs included something warm and fuzzy enough to be used as a child’s bedtime story? The adoption of a lost pup, the rescue of an owner from drowing/ fire/ stroke/ whatever from his faithful canine friend—these are stories we all like to hear, and why not? They make the endless supply of darkness we see every day a little more brighter.

Plus, we like to make baby faces at dogs and scratch their ears.

Unfortunately, most of the news we hear about dogs these days has to do with violence—abandonment, dogs left to die of heat stroke, neglect, abuse… And then, of course, there’s dog fighting, which you would think be over and done with by now.

Halloween Costume Contests For Pets

Halloween is fun for everyone, especially if you have a pet! It is the one day a year you get to dress up your little one and get lots of laughs without getting accused of being a wannabe Beverly Hills debutante. Dressing up your dog for Halloween means creating a handmade costume yourself or purchasing one at a store or online. Make sure you avoid masks and dangly beads or other objects to avoid choking or restriction of breathing, otherwise, the sky is the limit!

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month—do you know where your best friend is?

My daughter’s birthday is in October and she’s been absolutely begging for a puppy. Now, we’ve told her we can’t get one right now—we just don’t have the room, with our two cats and our aunt’s old dog—but someday when we’ve got a larger place and she’s a bit bigger we’ll go for it. (We actually did try a puppy when she was two, which was  bit of a disaster!)

That said, if you’re a dog person who’s shopping for a new canine companion, why not do so at your local shelter this month? You’re sure to get a pup that’s been altered, so you won’t have to worry about more paws than you can care for. You’ll also be getting a dog that’s been taken care of, had its shots, and has a bit of background information to help you make your choice.

What Do You Do with a Violent Dog?

Man’s best friend is usually a pretty friendly animal. He likes to pant and lick—sometimes to the chagrin of his master, and definitely his master’s cat-people friends—and wag his tail. He likes to chase cars (but like the Joker says, wouldn’t know what to do with one if he caught it), balls, sticks and bunnies. He likes his ears ruffled, his tummy scratched, and to sleep at the foot of your bed. All in all, dogs are pretty loyal companions that love to the end, as their stereotype has always suggested.

But some dogs just aren’t. Whether they’ve been rescued from a bad home, used in the “ring” as fighting objects, were taunted or teased as a puppy, or they were exposed to Cujo on network television (with even scarier commercials about getting worm medicines mailed to your home), some dogs really are man’s worst enemy.