August 2009

The Hypocrisy of (Some) Pet Lovers

In my family, we have a running joke about eating our pets if we ever get that poor. I know it wouldn’t really be funny if we were that poor—we’d likely have to give them up to someone who could care for them, and poverty certainly isn’t funny, but we’re a little warped that way. Anyway, the point is that we would never eat our beloved pets and anyone who knows us knows we’re joking.

That said, I ran across this news story and was simply astounded by what I read. A family in New Zealand had grown tired of their canine companion—a Staffordshire terrier—and apparently barbecued and ate it.

Um, wow.

Hug Your Canine Compadre--It's National Dog Day!

Today is the day to take that big hunk ‘o fur you call Spike, Fido, Mercutio or Fif and hug him (or her), tell him how much you love him, and be grateful for the loving companion you’ve got in your life. That’s right, I’m talking about National Dog Day!

To celebrate your pooch today, here are some ideas. Feel free to post your own or to share how you celebrated National Dog Day!

Michael Vick's Apology--And His New Contract

Many people believe that Michael Vick’s recent second apology was more heartfelt and believable than his first, and that he is sincerely sorry for the crimes he committed against dogs.  Is he sincere? After being sentenced to 23 months in prison, anyone would likely be sorry they did something—whether they regret the actual act itself or not.

The ASPCA and pet owners everywhere are condemning his renewed contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. People are outraged over Vick’s new contract, and sales of Michael Vick dog toys and anti-Vick t-shirts are apparently still going strong.

Dog Survives After Getting Thrown Out of Sixth Story Window

This fricking story made me absolutely sick to my stomach. Some idiot guy in New york for reasons unknown (I seriously hope he has a mental condition), decided to throw a dog "Oreo" off the sixth story window of his apartment building after beating the dog inside of the building. 

Oreo is somehow miraculously ok thanks to the life-saving techniques of an amazing team of surgeons who "reassembled her front legs" and  Oreo is now able to walk.