June 2009

The Hunting Dog Rescue

While camping recently, my friend and I were sent on a key mission to head to the Hand-Mart. We called it Operation Coors Light. Trucking down the road, ACDC's "Jailbreak" cranked up to 11 on the radio, we had to quickly slam on the brakes (not a good thing in an old Chevy S-10) at the sight of a small-scale traffic jam of 3-4 cars and one confused dog in the middle of the road.

People were either swerving somewhat erratically, stopping, or quickly passing the cars who were stopped. The dog, who had a huge cone-shaped hunting tracking gizmo device, remained almost exactly on the yellow line, slowly turning in circles as horns blared around her. While we were stopped, my friend asked the driver of the next truck over what she wanted to do. Showing that she was destined to receive the "Honorary Citizen of the Year Award" for the greater Lake area, she gave us an ugly face and sped off rapidly.