May 2009

Just another superdog

A female terrier mix named Miley was named as the 2009 Hero Dog of the Year on May 19th by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles.
Miley earned the reward as she saved her owners Stacie Pitts and Randy Childers from possible severe carbon monoxide poisoning last year in their Arkansas, USA, home. Stacie was sound asleep in the middle of the night when Miley went to her and woke her up. However, Stacie didn't think too much of it and dozed off again. But Miley persisted and roused her from her sleep again shortly after.
This time Stacie knew something was wrong as she felt very nauseous and had a splitting headache.

Products for Geriatric Dogs

I've mentioned Doggy Goggles, for dogs with sight problems, but what about pooches who are hard of hearing?   Advances in modern medicine are not only allowing humans to be treated for diseases and degenerative conditions,  but pets too, letting them reach an older age.  But since our animals are living longer, they are suffering from the same ailments that plague their owners as we get older.  Loss of eyesight, poor hearing, and arthritis can all befall an aging dog.

The good news is that scientists have developed a canine hearing aid , which they hope to be available commercially at the end of 2009.  The new hearing aid will join a range of products already available for geriatric dogs.  If you have an elderly dog,  here are some products you might want to check out:

Dog diapers

Dating has Gone to the Dogs

Internet dating has soared in popularity over the years and the number of dating websites is constantly on the rise. Along with traditional dating websites, there are an ever increasing number of sites that specialize in finding romantic matches for particular groups of people. Some of these websites cater to single parents, people interested in interracial dating, those from various ethnic backgrounds, same sex dating, people looking for a "Sugar Daddy " or "Sugar Mama", and now Internet dating has extended itself to pets, of all things. Yes, dating truly has gone to the dogs! 
Sites like Date My Pet have entered the scene and I for one am a bit confused. I am not sure if this is just a gimmick thought up by some overzealous pet lovers who are sitting back raking in the dough all the while laughing it up over kibbles and coffee, or a simple twist on marketing and public relations gone awry.

Chanel the Worlds Oldest Living Dog

For most of us humans turning 21 is quite a landmark. We can drink, drive, vote, and engage in all sorts of adult activities. However, if you're a dog, your days might be numbered.
But don't tell Chanel that. You see, Chanel is a 21-year-old dachshund mix, who just blew out 21 candles on her birthday cake on May 6th. And if you're trying to do the math, Chanel is about 120 years old in human years.

Toby or Not to Bee

A lot of people are scared of bumblebees and being stung by one probably tops the list of reasons why. But, Toby, a three-year-old Springer spaniel sniffer dog in England isn't scared of the buzzing insects. In fact, he spends most of his days sniffing out their nests for his handler Steph O'Connor.
Toby's sensitive nose is very important and helpful as it is often hard to find bumblebee nests because they can be quite small and are sometimes hidden underground or in the middle of thick vegetation.
With Toby's help, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust can find the nests for research purposes.

Dogs Can Fly

It seems dogs can fly after all, when they are picked up by 70 mph gusts of wind that is. But the strange story doesn't stop there.  Nope, remarkable it gets even weirder!

Strong winds picked up an eight-month-old Chihuahua named Tinker Bell .  Since the dog was a mere six pounds it's perhaps not so surprising that it got carried it away.  What is surprising, however is that the dog was found safe and sound... with the help of some supernatural searching!

After their beloved pet was swept up, the couple in Waterford Township, just west of Detroit, enlisted a pet psychic to help them find her.

 Two days later the psychic guided the dog’s owner, Dorothy Utley, to a forested area about a mile away from where the puppy was last seen. When found, Tinker Bell was hungry and pretty dirty, but in good shape overall.