April 2009

Formal Wear for Dogs

If you loved the idea of having your own pet wedding, or at least maybe including your best friend in your own nuptials, then I have found some great places for you to find Fido's formal wear. Some of this stuff is too doggone adorable!

Whether your furry friend needs a new outfit for a special occasion such as a birthday, or has to conform to the dress code of your wedding,  believe it or not (I know you believe it!) there are plenty of websites that offer formal clothing for dogs of all sizes.

Brides-to-be can now add their beloved furry friends to their wedding party in high style, wearing the latest couture creations.  There is also the possibility of having multiple pets involved in the ceremony, with specialist outfits that incorporate ring cushions or pouches, baskets of petals or small bouquets.

Presidential Doggy!

While President Obama was busy taking care of freeing hostages from sea pirates recently he was also officially welcoming a new member to the first family. The newly-elected President and his family now have a six-month-old Portuguese water dog as their first pet. The dog was a gift from Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, who owns several of the dogs himself.

Dog Attack Styles

Dogs have been man's best friend for thousands of years, they are noble, brave animals that can protect a home or offer it's master affection and companionship. They are so domesticated that we sometimes forget that they are not human. Dogs are so close to their human families that they can detect when something is not right. Dogs are friendly, intelligent, faithful creatures that make the ideal pet. But lets not forget that dogs are animals with all the instincts to survive and attack when necessary. A dog can be trained to be a killing machine or guard for your home and family.