February 2009

Modern Wolves' Genetics A Legacy From Dogs

Scientists have found that the black coat color in modern wolves - and presumably other traits as well - come from outbreeding with dogs. Scientists were first alerted to this shift when wolves in the Alps began displaying black coats after breeding with dogs, and their genetic sleuthing led them to the same conclusion in the Americas. After a great deal of genetic testing, Stanford researcher Dr. Gregory S. Barsch discovered that the black coat mutation probably arose in dogs about 46,000 years ago.

Puppy Bowl V

For those of us who could not care less about football, but who like puppies (who doesn't?) Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl series is just the ticket. Last Sunday was the fifth annual Puppy Bowl, and it did not disappoint. The show opened with a heartfelt but perhaps slightly inaccurate rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Pepper, the African Grey parrot. All I can say is, I laughed until I cried.