Could your dog’s irritation be a hot spot?

Could your dog’s irritation be a hot spot?

Discovering the facts about hot spots

If you are a dog owner, you probably have heard the term hot spots. Did you know that the scientific term for this condition is acral lick dermatitis? It is a type of moist and weepy sore that a dog may get. What causes these sores?

These sores can be caused from a dog not being groomed properly. Dry and matted hair is the number one reason for this problem. However, anytime a dog may get a sore or an itch this condition can also begin. This can include such conditions as bacterial and fungal infections, allergies. However, fleas and mites can also irritate the skin and cause sores to appear.

Once the sores appear, the dog’s skin can become irritated. This irritation can cause the dog to begin biting, chewing and clawing at its skin. Then the sores can become inflamed. This will begin the development of the sore becoming a hot spot. You will know this is occurring because the sore and the area around it will become red from the inflammation. The sore may also begin to fill with pus and begin to get weepy.

The treatment of a hot spot can include a trip to one’s vet. The vet will evaluate the sore and will also clean it, as well as the area around it. The hair around the area may also be cut away from it. The best way to clean the area is with a medicated soap, which the owner may also want to do at home. Treatment options may include the use of a topical medication or an oral antibiotic.

Hot spots are not serious, if they are treated. Inflammation left untreated can spread throughout the body.