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Terrible dog owner leaves "gay" dog at pound

This poor misunderstood dog!

The good news first: this dog has been adopted, after a Facebook plea spread word of his plight. And a good thing, too, because the pup had been surrendered by his owner to a high-kill shelter. He was picked up on Thursday morning, just under the wire: he was scheduled to be euthanized at 1p.m. that day.

I don't even know where to start.
It should be said, of course, that there are a lot of crappy reasons why people leave their animals at the pound. For the vast majority of dogs, taking them to a kill shelter is a death sentence. About 64 percent of the animals taken to shelters are euthanized. Adult animals are vastly overrepresented in those numbers. At most shelters, an adult animal - especially a less desirable breed like a pit bull - is lucky to get 72 hours before being put to sleep. Many are scheduled for death within 24 hours.
And yet, people surrender their animals for the dumbest reasons. Lack of training, owner laziness, not understanding what a dog is, and the slight inconvenience of taking your dog with you when you move to a new house: these are all common reasons for owner surrender.
But "my dog is gay" is truly a new low. First of all, who cares? Even if your dog WAS gay, what possible difference could that make in your life?
And second of all: no, he wasn't. Dogs hump each other for a lot of reasons; mostly as a dominance display. And an unneutered male dog (it seems that this dog was intact) will hump just about anything that holds still long enough. 
But credit where it's due. If this guy didn't know even that tiniest fact about canine behavior, and if he was truly so intolerant that he would send his dog to the gas chamber just for suspected homosexuality, then he didn't deserve that dog in the first place. Here's hoping that no other animals ever have to suffer for that man's bad ownership. 
And kudos to the people involved in this dog's rescue, from the person who first posted the Facebook plea, to the woman who adopted the dog. His new name is Elton, and I wish him all the smooches in the world.