Foster a Shetland Sheepdog and Save a Life

Foster a Shetland Sheepdog and Save a Life

Fostering rescued Shetland Sheepdogs until they can be placed in their forever homes may be one of the most satisfying projects you’ll ever undertake. When you foster a rescue dog, you’re allowing that rescue to take in more dogs, and so the rescue can save more lives. Shelties are often sweet and adaptable, and fostering them is usually joyful, at least until you have to let them go to their new home!


If you’re interested in fostering, check with your local Sheltie rescue organization. Be sure you understand your responsibilities, and those of the rescue. For example, find out who pays expenses such as food and vet care? Most rescues will pay for their dogs’ vet care, and a few also will pay for food. Many don’t, however, so you’ll need to be comfortable adding the expensive of good quality food to your budget. 


Be sure you have time for the foster dog also. Whether they are your own or a foster, obviously every additional dog will require more time for care, such as grooming, feeding and training. The rescue may also want you to meet with potential adopters to help ensure a good fit between the Sheltie and his new home, so you may need to plan take for those visits.  


Another point to consider is what type of foster dog will fit best in your family. Some Shelties do well in a busy family with lots going on, but others will be happier in a quiet home. If you currently have dogs, be sure you take their preferences into account also. It’s quite common for alpha dogs to not want to accept another dog who wants to be alpha. 


Although most foster Shetland Sheepdogs are basically nice dogs, some may have behavior issues. It’s not unusual for Shelties, especially those who weren’t well socialized, to be extremely shy and fearful. It may take these dogs weeks, or even months, to warm up to their foster families, You’ll need a lot of patience if you choose to foster an extremely shy dog. Regardless of the behavior issue, be honest with your self and the rescue about what sort of issues you can comfortably manage.  


The fostering has its rough moments, the hardest part of fostering Shelties is usually that bittersweet occasion when the rescue has found the dog’s perfect forever home. Of course, you may just decide that the perfect forever home just happens to be your own.