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Heaven's Gate Kennels - BAD BREEDER

Just want to let people know about my experience with Heaven's Gate Kennel (Owner Leslie Ayo).  I bought a puppy from Ms. Ayo and on the way home from purchasing the puppy I had to take it to the vet.  She was diagnosed with an UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION.  The next day we had to take her back to the vet and she was diagnosed with PNEUMONIA.  The puppy had to stay at the vet for several days.  Did the breeder pay the bill?  NO!  NOT A DIME!  The health of the puppy was guaranteed on the contract which has been taken off of Ms. Ayo's website.  Recently, my puppy was diagnosed with EPILEPSY.  As of this past Friday she was diagnosed with HIP DYSPLASIA.  She is passing on some "good" genes!!!!  Please investigate before you buy.