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Children's Books About Dogs

If you want to share your love of dogs with your children, you can start early by introducing your toddler to dogs through books, and your older kids to an in-depth guide to all things dog.  Books can be really helpful to teaching your kids about dogs in preparation for adding one to your family.  The following books about dogs are some of the best sellers for kids and are sure to help teach your child a love of dogs.

The simple title says it all.  This book is geared toward toddlers and features 20 interactive pages that have a variety of textures, words, and different breeds to help teach your little one basic concepts about dogs.

Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know About Dogs
Written for children ages eight to eleven, this book answers questions the author has compiled from real kids over the years.  The questions are phrased in ways kids are actually asking, and the answers help children learn about breeds, where dogs come from, and a wealth of other dog related information.

The New Encyclopedia of the Dog
For kids 10 and older, The New Encyclopedia of the Dog has everything your child wants to know about various breeds, evolution, domestication, health care, communication and training.  With more than 400 pages, this book can help you child find answers to all kinds of questions about dogs.

Books are a great way to teach and these books will make excellent references for children, young and old alike.