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UW alum combines science and business to help fight infectious diseases



Saara Romu has an impressive background in biology, but it wasn’t until she combined her knowledge of science with a business degree (UW Foster school 2007) that she discovered her true capacity. 

She initially studied biology at Queens University in Canada and afterwards took a position working in a lab at Notre Dame. From there, she moved to Vancouver in order to manage a bioinformatics program (combining computer science and information technology to the field of biology).


Although she had developed strong researching and management skills, she decided to pursue an MBA degree in order to refine her capabilities. While studying at UW she was active in student government. She became an officer of the Biotech Club. Worked with the forestry department analyzing the paper industry. She landed an internship with Scotia Capital and even served as a Leadership Fellow and after school secured a position with a commercial banking company.


With these credentials it is no surprise that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were quick to hire her onboard their team. The Global Health group is a branch of the foundation that specializes in research helping to discover cures and solutions to combat infectious diseases around the world. As a portfolio manager within this branch, Saara manages large sums of grant money and is an advisor on budget issues and best investment practices. She has the opportunity to collaborate with experts in both fields of business and science and has the added bonus of traveling to areas to see first hand the benefits of the work she is doing.



For more information about the services provided by the Global Health Group and get a better idea about the impact Saara’s work has in this field see the link below.