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Traveling With Your Dog During The Holidays

Be aware of motion sickness

 Motion sickness is never any fun for anyone especially for your pet dog. The whole family can suffer if the proper treatment is not applied to help your special pet during the time they are in the vehicle. Dogs who suffer from motion sickness usually do because the vestibular system in the ear is not functioning properly.

The vestibular system in the dog’s ear controls the dogs balance and helps your pet to process motion. It is found that in younger dogs the vestibular system is not fully developed causing them to suffer from motion sickness. The other cause of motion sickness for your pet can stem from the fact that the pet is highly stressed and overcome with anxiety because of the car ride. When your dog has had a previous bad travel experience this will only amplify the problem of Motion Sickness.

You will know that your dog is suffering from motion sickness because they will start to drool, show signs of dry heaves, excessive lip licking, inactivity, pacing, shaking, whining, and even vomiting. The statics say that about one in every six dogs show sign of Motion Sickness when they are traveling. However, there are different types of medications that you can get from the Veterinarian to help your dog travel without having the ill effects of Motion Sickness. You should check with your Veterinarian before you take your dog on a trip this holiday to make sure that you have the proper medication for Doggie Motion Sickness.