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8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egypt

I can’t picture eight million dogs, period, let alone eight million mummified ones. I keep thinking of Scooby Doo wrapped up in toilet paper, sniggering “Hee hee hee hee hee!” as the real mummy or villain chases him, stepping on the toilet paper, and unwinding him in the process. I guess if you multiply that by eight million, that’s what this amounts to.

In the Egyptian desert, millions of dogs were recently found mummified and buried in a maze of tunnels. While some of the dogs seemed like they died of natural causes, many others were apparently sacrificed to the gods while still puppies, often just after being born. As callous as this sounds, it also just doesn’t seem very practical; after all, if you were a god, would you want baby puppies or big dogs to eat or take souls from or whatever gods are supposed to do with dead animals?

I never did understand the whole sacrificing thing. If a god wanted something dead, wouldn’t he or she just kill it and take it? And wouldn’t he or she be outraged at the audacity of the tiny mortal minions on earth who thought themselves important enough to take another life? If I were omnipotent, I sure wouldn’t be okay with my little mud-people thinking that it was okay to kill what I made, for sure.

The eight million dogs found in Egypt were found about 12 meters below the surface, with rooms filled with them branching off from a main hallway. The structure is estimated to be about 2,500 years old. Among the mummified dogs are also some cats and jackals, all three representing major gods in the Egyptian pantheon.

People against puppy mills—especially those in my state of Missouri, where we’ve tried to outlaw it (though our legislators did not take us seriously at all)—might see red knowing that ancient Egyptians likely had to run some type of over breeding puppy mill operation in order to produce the millions of dogs needed annually for this large scale sacrifice—not to mention the live dogs that ancient Egyptians kept as living symbols of the god Anubis.

Perhaps these sacrificial dogs are better off than the dogs produced in our own puppy mills or left for dead from over breeding, though; they were probably killed quickly and not left to suffer or be tortured like modern humans are so wont to do. So maybe it was a good thing that, if being sacrificed at all, so many just-born puppies were mummified rather than dogs piled on top of one another in containment. At least they didn’t have to suffer for long, like many modern dogs do.

To learn more about today’s puppy mills, visit the Humane Society of the United States. If you’d like to take a stand against modern day puppy mills that abuse dogs and churn out mass numbers of dogs annually, click here to learn about adopting dogs from reputable sources, and click here to sign the petition against puppy mills.