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Dog Survives After Getting Thrown Out of Sixth Story Window

This fricking story made me absolutely sick to my stomach. Some idiot guy in New york for reasons unknown (I seriously hope he has a mental condition), decided to throw a dog "Oreo" off the sixth story window of his apartment building after beating the dog inside of the building. 

Oreo is somehow miraculously ok thanks to the life-saving techniques of an amazing team of surgeons who "reassembled her front legs" and  Oreo is now able to walk.

The "attempted murderer" Joseph Pentangelo, has been charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and Reckless Endangerment. I don't know what kind of punishments are entailed with that, but throwing a dog out the window sounds to me a little stronger than "Reckless Endangerment'.

Joseph, who is 19 and has been in trouble with the law before, is trying to claim that Oreo jumped out on her own. While she may not have been in exactly ideal conditions, I find it very difficult to believe that a dog would have made a suicide attempt. I have yet to contact the Humane Society, but I am fairly certain that the number of doggie suicides is nil.

And while I am happy with the humane society for and Animal Cruelty Organizations in general, why the F. isn't PETA doing more to educate people about taking care of their pets in the heat and lobbying for tougher punishments for actions like this instead of getting naked, lying on the street, and protesting people tossing dead fish?