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Dogs Can Fly

It seems dogs can fly after all, when they are picked up by 70 mph gusts of wind that is. But the strange story doesn't stop there.  Nope, remarkable it gets even weirder!

Strong winds picked up an eight-month-old Chihuahua named Tinker Bell .  Since the dog was a mere six pounds it's perhaps not so surprising that it got carried it away.  What is surprising, however is that the dog was found safe and sound... with the help of some supernatural searching!

After their beloved pet was swept up, the couple in Waterford Township, just west of Detroit, enlisted a pet psychic to help them find her.

 Two days later the psychic guided the dog’s owner, Dorothy Utley, to a forested area about a mile away from where the puppy was last seen. When found, Tinker Bell was hungry and pretty dirty, but in good shape overall.

While this might seem like an unusual scenario,  distraught pet owners will seek just about any help they can get to recover their pets.  In fact there are entire websites devoted to psychics who claim to be able to shed some insight into why your pet may have left, and where you may be able to find them.  

Apparently, people such as Hilary Renaissance the AnimalLocator can ' speak ' to lost pets and help their owners retrace their steps to locate them.  And if you don't swallow that, you won't like the fact that she also claims to be able to do this over the phone!