What quirky habits does your dog have?

What quirky habits does your dog have?

Funny eating, bathroom and play behavior

I love dogs because no two are alike. Even if you have pups of the same breed, or even from the same litter, they each have unique personalities.

My pooch is a very quirky dog. Her strange behaviors make her who she is, and I wouldn't change a thing about her. Some of these traits, however, are simply bizarre.

My dog only eats treats on the couch while I'm sitting with her.

I don't know anything about my dog's life before I got her. All I know is that she was dumped by her original owners. As soon as she entered my home, she made my living room sofa her territory. Maybe she sat on the couch at her former home.

She does everything on the couch, from taking a nap to chewing on her favorite toys. The one behavior I find odd, however, is that she will ONLY eat treats on the couch. No matter where you give her a bone, she must run it over to the sofa and eat it on the far corner cushion. If you try to sit there, she will find a way to creep in behind you. Not only does she feel the need to enjoy her treat there, but she will only eat it if I'm watching her.

Does my presence somehow make the treat taste better?

My dog sniffs her bottom whenever she needs to go potty.

Yep, you heard that right. She actually starts to smell her back end if she feels a bowel movement coming on. I've never seen any other animal do this before. Do you think she smells worse before she needs to go? Perhaps she is releasing some unpleasant doggy gas. I have no idea. As weird as it sounds, I find this behavior endearing. Plus, I always know when she needs to go outside.

My dog will not play fetch in the yard.

Of course, my dog loves to play. As soon as I get home from work, she's ready for a game of fetch...indoors. She can't wait to chase her yellow, squeaky ball around the house. If it is particularly nice outside, I'll try to move our game to the backyard. For some reason, she refuses to go after the ball in the yard. I think she hates the way grass feels on her paws. She stares at the grass like it's going to open up and swallow her whole. When I bring her back inside, she's ready to start chasing her toy once again.

It makes me smile just to think about her strangely cute behaviors. Does your dog have any funny quirks? I would love to know what makes your puppy different from the rest.