Watching "Dog Whisperer" doesn't make you a canine expert

Watching "Dog Whisperer" doesn't make you a canine expert

One must own or work with a dog to give canine advice

One of my best friends watches National Geographic's "Dog Whisperer" religiously. She is fascinated by the transformations that host Cesar Millan makes with out-of-control dogs. Every week, she shares with me how an unsocial husky was turned into the perfect family dog.

When I took in my first dog, this friend was the first person to give me advice on how to raise and train my pooch. What's the problem you ask?

She has never owned a dog.Reality television shows are very popular, and they don't seem to be going away. Sure, it's fun to peek into the lives of other people, but that doesn't mean you are an expert on the subject.

If you have never owned a canine companion, then please don't tell me how to become the pack leader. Of course I know that my dog needs to see me as the alpha. Sure, it's best that I'm the leader in my household. However, if you have never tried to train a dog of your own, then you really have no clue how to do it yourself.

When my dog is acting rowdy when I get home from work, I know that I should take her out for a walk. I really don't want a lecture about how her wild behavior is a sign of pent up energy. I know it is, but did you forget that I spent the last eight hours at work? Trust me, she gets plenty of attention once I'm home again.

If my dog begins to chew up all the socks in my laundry room, don't tell me it's because she is bored. My dog has more toys than most toddlers. She just likes the way my socks feel and taste. I make sure to discipline her when I catch her in the act, but that doesn't mean she will instantly stop this behavior.

Yes, I am aware of all the various pet food recalls in the last couple of months. I do appreciate you forwarding them to me, but don't act more educated than me at the pet store. I'm perfectly capable of selecting a healthy and safe food for my pooch.

When and if you finally decide to add a four-legged friend to your house, I may start taking your advice more seriously. You are not the "Dog Whisperer" until you actually work with canines on a daily basis.

My rant is over. I'm going to relax with my dog now.