UW is awarded greenest university in the country

UW is awarded greenest university in the country



The UW has another honor to add to their extensive list of achievements, already including national championships, Nobel Prizes, Peace Corps volunteers, and Medal of Honor recipients. The Sierra Club has recently recognized the UW as the number one environmentally conscious university in the country. How has UW come to earn this distinction?

Buildings and Campus Grounds

First, UW is a hydro-powered campus which allows energy to be drawn from a nearby and sustainable source. Also, since 2006, all new buildings projects on UW’s Seattle campus adhere to strict new environmental regulations. The UW has continuously achieved LEED Gold, the highest honor issued by the U.S. Green Building Council. Also, factors such as the number of bike racks on campus, the native species of plants on campus ground, and access to transportation, are all factors that help UW’s rating.


On-Campus Farms and Greenhouses

There are several farms and greenhouses located on UW’s Seattle campus. Students are able to learn about sustainable practices by working on these small farms, planning, planting, and producing food for local buyers. 


Trash and Composting

Any UW student who has walked from the HUB to Odegaard Library is aware of the trash and composting system spread across campus. Special bins are set up around the campus and in buildings, making it easy for people to dispose of their trash, recyclables, and compostable materials in environmentally conscious way.


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