Nation's animal lovers unite to rescue dogs from Harvey

Nation's animal lovers unite to rescue dogs from Harvey

Flood dogs are finding homes across the country

 It is a sad truth that in a desperate emergency like the one faced by residents of Houston during Hurricane Harvey, you often don't have the time or resources to rescue your dog. Many people have had to make terrible choices. Others just straight up abandoned their animals to the rising flood waters without a second thought. And then of course there is the population of stray and loose dogs, who suddenly found themselves in desperate need of help.

Rescue agencies and individual animal lovers have been working hard this week to find and save as many dogs as possible. Before the storm hit, Houston resident Betty Walter proactively gathered up 21 dogs - including her own four dogs, plus several foster animals, and the dogs of her friends and neighbors - and sequestered them in her attic to keep them safe from the predicted flood. When the flood turned out worse than expected, three men (Jeremy Williams, Anthony Hernandez, and Buck Beasley) in a flat-bottomed boat found Walter, and were able to rescue her and all 21 dogs at once, ferrying the entire pack to safety. 

Famed country music star Miranda Lambert is among the celebrities volunteering time and effort to help save Houston's dogs. Lambert funds a private animal rescue agency, and has sent several trucks down to Houston to fetch abandoned dogs from overflowing rescue agencies.

Adoption centers and rescue agencies across the country are opening their doors to take in Harvey dogs. Shelters as far away as Illinois and New Jersey are scrambling to make room.

Want to help a dog displaced by Harvey? Adopt from your local shelter today!