Dogs protect owner for 2 days after fall

Dogs protect owner for 2 days after fall

Kept her warm until help could arrive

Florida resident Judy Mube is 74 years old, lives alone, and suffers from Parkinson's disease. When she recently slipped and fell in her kitchen, she bruised her head, shattered her shoulder, and was unable to get up.

Her two golden retrievers, Dodger and Higgins, clearly knew something was wrong. They rushed to her side, and refused to leave her for two days until help could arrive. One dog slept on either side of her, which not only kept her company, it also kept her warm and out of shock.

When a friend stopped by to check on Mube, the dogs raised the alarm - then rushed back and forth between Mube and the visitor, as if leading her to the fallen woman.

Ms. Mube is recovering well, and hopes to be back with her dogs soon.