Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner From Fire

Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner From Fire

Spaz, a Chihuahua-daschund from Groveland, west of Orlando, Florida, is the latest in a number of heroic dogs who have gone above and beyond the duty of the normal dog.

Lillian Miller, 58 and Spaz’s owner, had taken her hearing aid out before retiring for the evening on Saturday, June 6. Though her smoke alarm went off, she did not hear it. Lucky for her, Spaz did.

At 3 AM Miller was awakened by Spaz barking relentlessly beside her bed. Assuming her dog needed to go outside, Miller sleepily took him out, not even guessing what was happening in her home.

Turning around, ready to enter back into her home and climb back into bed, Miller saw what Spaz had really been causing such a ruckus over—orange flames licking the living room window of her mobile home, where she had lived for nine years—the product of what is believed to be an electrical fire.

The fire, which quickly spread, could have easily killed them both had they not escaped moments earlier.

Miller is very grateful for her life-saving pooch. "He's my hero, he's my best buddy. He's better than any husband I've ever had,” she told reporters.

For a little dog, Spaz, you sure have heart. You deserve a medal for your bravery--or, at least, an extra big bone.