Celebrating your Sheltie’s birthday

Celebrating your Sheltie’s birthday

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Shetland Sheepdogs can be sweet little creatures, and many are more sensitive to their person’s moods than people may be. They often become cherished members of our families, and naturally, we love to celebrate special occasions with them. One such special occasion is our beloved dogs' birthdays. 

In a previous post, I’d mentioned that birthdays can be bittersweet. We appreciate the opportunity to express our love, yet we all know that Shelties’ lives are far too short. So it was with joy, overall, that I celebrated Maddy’s 10-year birthday yesterday by taking her to agility class. 


Maddy now jumps half the height she did as when she was in her prime, and she’s less interested in blasting through tunnels at top speed. Sometimes I shorten the course a bit for her by removing an especially challenging obstacle. Although physically she doesn’t perform at the level she used too, she still loves the sport. Interestingly enough, Maddy’s focus is better than ever, and she usually understands what I’m asking of her. 


I love our agility runs, and the feeling of connection we have on the course. When we are done, I love picking her up, and burying my face in the fur on her neck, so soft against my cheeks. Maddy has some arthritis, and even though she loves agility, I know the time will come when it will be unfair to take her to class. In the meantime, for each class we attend, I block out any distractions and worries, and give Maddy my full attention. 


Do you have any special memories of birthdays spent with your Shetland Sheepdogs? If so, please share.