Boston Terriers Make Excellent Kids

Boston Terriers Make Excellent Kids

If you have ever encountered a Boston terrier, you probably noticed its childlike, fun loving personality.  I have yet to meet a Boston who didn’t strike me as a kid at heart.  In fact, we have owned three and the first was intended to give my maternal instincts something to nurture until we had children of our own.  Let me tell you – she fit the bill just perfectly.

Whether you are a young couple or have kids who have flown the nest, when you need someone to dote on and love as a child, Boston terriers seem like they were made for the task.  They are impish, childlike and full of fun, plus they love being coddled and snuggling up in bed with you.

Our first Boston, Emma, would get downright indignant if I didn’t let her take a shower with me…each and every day.  She was always shiny at least!

Since they have short hair, they need some kind of covering to be outside in the frigid northern winters we have.  You can have a lot of fun playing dress-up doll with your Boston, should the urge strike you.  They also do not like to be left alone, just like a child, so they are better suited to a home where someone is there most of the time.

According to my Dad, Bostons also have a “face only a mother could love,” and it may be true, but I sure loved the faces of my Bostons.

So if you are feeling that need for someone to love and care for, consider getting a Boston terrier.  They have the most spunk and personality of any breed of dog I’ve met, and they will fill your life with fun and entertainment.